What isHamro Blood Bank ?

Hamro Blood Bank is a non-profit community of blood donors that serves all over the country. Our goal is to eradicate blood deficiency in Nepal by developing an easy blood search platform and increasing blood donations by new as well as existing donors.

What we Do ?

We provide a simple and secure mobile platform to connect blood donors with needy persons. Every HBB user is verified, and every verified donor receives a verification badge.
As well as ensuring the privacy of donors, we simplify blood searches and connect with them. In addition, we are developing a reward program for our lifesavers to inspire them and motivate more donors.

JoinHamro Blood Bank

Join us in this great social initiative.

For Apple users, you can download our app from  here 
and and Android users can download from here.

If you have any question, suggestion, or join our volunteering team, please contact us.